Scouts of Troop 291, help our community by participating in this year's Scouting for Food drive.  We need to move some door hangers and food for hungry families in Montgomery County.

What you need to do:

 - Meet this Saturday 11/5 at Stonemill Elementary School at 8:30am
 - bacon people you need to arrive earlier.....early arrivals will get preference in the Bacon line...
 - wear layers, wear your Class A's so they are visible
– Sign in so we can track your volunteer hours 
 - Check in with your patrol leader

Patrol Leaders 
– Fill out your patrol’s Ready Sheet as scouts check in (pick up form from SPLs when you arrive)
 - When your patrol is ready to go, get with SPL's for a review of safety procedures while distributing door hangers
- pick up bags and door hangers and extra bags/flyers
 - Hit the road
- we did not get a very good head count from patrol leaders of scouts or drivers.  If you are helping out with driving thanks
- if you have not volunteered to drive but you are available, please let your son/his patrol leader know 

Stragglers…..(Don’t be a straggler…..)
1.       Sign in the SSL book for tracking your volunteer hours
2.       Check in with SPLs to see where you need to go

All Patrols should check in with SPLs when your bag drop off routes are complete
All Scouts should check out at the school and sign out for tracking volunteer hours

Thanks in advance for your participation.  Remember you are helping to fill the pantries of the hungry in Montgomery County.

Alyssa Alban

This event qualifies for SSL hours, so you will need to check in with the adult leaders of this event, (Alyssa Alban, Jeff Reed or Maurice Alban) when you arrive for bag distribution and bag pick up.  We hope you understand how important this work is and help us make a difference for the hungry in Montgomery County.

Scouting for Food Patrol Regions