1st Year Scouts - Incoming Webelos 


1) Introduction - Parent's name, scouting experience, webelos camping experience, best expectation for summer camp, worst fear for summercamp
2) review camp timeline - what needs to be done between now and camp
3) review items below
4) open discussion

Discussion Points

1) Overview of a first year scouts experience through the eyes of an Assistant Scoutmaster that has witnessed 5 summer camps with 1st year scouts.

2) Preparing your scout mentally - homesickness, what not to say...

3) Preparing your scout physically - no air conditioning, lots of walking, hot, cold, rain, bugs, animals, sounds at night - physical preparation leads to mental robustness

3.5) Special discussion about feet and other private areas - what common issues we have seen from hot spots to constipation. Yes! We deal with it all.

4) How items 2 and 3 interrelate.

5) Trips to the shower - dedicated bag - towel, toiletries, water shoes

6) Trips to the pool - dedicated bag - could be same as toiletry bag

7) Trips to the latrine - "I'm afraid a spider might crawl..." (A true secret confession I have had to handle.)

8) Trips to the program - Water, sunscreen lotion, bug lotion, scout book, spiral note book of blank paper, pens, pencils - dedicated small back pack

8.5) aerosols are prohibited and lead to unsafe playing with fire - instant blow torch.

9) Letters to and from home - risks and rewards

10) Boy lead troop. The balance of parenting and letting your boys experience the ups and downs of summer camp.  Try to remember, often times you should say, "that's a great question, you should ask your (boy) Scout Leader..." What Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters do with most questions after Wednesday....

11) Closed toed footwear. Your scouts feet are their tires and they must work well and not get a flat or blow out for the whole week! Stubbed toes, cuts, foot injuries can end or ruin a scouts week at camp. There are no sidewalks, carpeted floors, linoleum floors - your scout is in a foot injury environment.

12) Tent neatness. Our troop competes for an award that depends on having an ordered campsite. It is not an individual award. If you scout is untidy what should you do? Run for the hills? Maybe?

13) Wanting to leave camp. Domestic Nostalgia.

14) Emphasize the need to get the boys good, comfortable boots/walking shoes at least two weeks before camp and then to make sure that they break-in the new shoes for several days before wearing them to camp. If the kids are physically fit but don't break in their shoes, it will still be a frustrating experience.

Campsite Amenities

  • Campers stay in camp-provided canvas wall tents, with wooden floors to keep campers off the ground.
  • Each unit will camp together, two boys to a tent and two adults to a tent.
  • Campers are provided a cot to sleep on.
  • Adults sleep in separate tents from Scouts.
  • Male and female adults will sleep separately unless married.
  • Each campsite has several picnic tables, dining flys, fire ring and garbage cans
  • Each campsite has a water source with potable water (safe for drinking).

Showers and Latrines

  • Several shower buildings are available in each camp. They are designated for youth male, youth female, adult male or adult female. Please respect the privacy of others.
  • Each campsite has a latrine. Units are responsible to keep it clean.

We suggest that each item of clothing and equipment be labeled with the camper.  This will be helpful in returning lost items.


Alcoholic Beverages
Firearms of any type, Airguns, Ask or lose it.
Sheath Knives (No Blades longer than 3 inches - Pocket knifes are best.)
Illegal Drugs

We are going back to Camp Liberty at the Heritage Scout Reservation.

Heritage Scout Reservation is located in Farmington, PA, just over the Maryland, West Virginia border.

Here is a video of the camp: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VZxxlrxGO8

Camp Liberty uses the patrol method, so scouts cook all their own meals.

Within Camp Liberty, we are staying at three campsites: Plymouth, Fort Moultrie, and Fort McHenry.

Dates of Camp

We will leave on Sunday, June 26 and return on Saturday, July 2.


We currently have 100 spots reserved.  It is doubtful we will get more as camp registration is currently at 389 out of 400 spots available.

Online sign-ups will be open from February 1 - March 21.

We will sign up scouts for the early registration discount during the last week of March.

You must sign up on-line to reserve a spot (the sign up form is not available until Feb 1).

Deposits and payments are non-refundable.

Due to potentially limited space, we may have to limit signups based on need.

Priority will be given to first-year and junior scouts needing leadership, rank, or merit badge experience.

Due Dates

March 21    – A $50 Deposit is due for boys and $25 for adults (Check Payable to “BSA Troop 291”).

March 21    – Merit Badge Selections due.

May 2         – Balance of Payment for Camp due.

June 11      – Heritage Supplemental Medical Forms & BSA Health Forms – MUST SUBMIT 2 HARD COPIES OF EACH

Scout parents are welcome to attend – Must fill out an adult application, take Youth Protection Training, and complete Parts A, B, and C of the BSA health form


Youth Cost:

$347 if you register before April 1

$372 if you register between April 1 and June 2

$397 if you register after June 2

Adult Cost:

$180 if you register before April 1

$190 if you register between April 1 and June 2

$200 if you register after June 2


Scout Bucks

Your son may use any “Scout Bucks” he has earned from selling Troop 291 Mulch or Popcorn toward summer camp.

Contact Steve Rambo for your Scout Buck balance.

Health Forms

We must have a Health Form on file that is current (completed after July 2, 2015).

Parts A, B, and C of the form must be completed and returned by the spring Court of Honor on June 11, 2015.

All adults attending summer camp must turn in a completed Health Form also.

Note that completing Part C of the Health Form requires an updated physical examination.

Heritage Scout Reservation also requires a Supplemental Health Form to be completed.

Note: Scouts attending high adventure camps in 2016 need to get the part D box (on Part C) checked!!!


Parts A, B, and C of the BSA health form (schedule a camp physical now) and a copy of the front and back of your insurance card

Download BSA Health Form here: BSA Health Form.pdf

You can fill out the Heritage supplemental form online at the Troop 291 webpage.


All scouts who take daily medicine are required to bring their medication on the day that we leave in a “Ziploc bag” with an instruction card.

An adult will dispense the medication as needed to the Scout during the week.

Swim Tests

In order to ease check in, we will set up a Troop Swim Test prior to attending camp.  More details forthcoming.

First Year Program

First year campers will participate in the "Trail to First Class" program at Camp Liberty.  

This program helps new scouts earn a significant number of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements.

Additionally, they will have the opportunity to earn up to three merit badges (Basketry, Fingerprinting, and Mammal Study).

First Year Campers Prep Meeting

We will hold a prep meeting for parents of first year campers at Fairhaven United Methodist Church on Sunday, February 28th @ 3:30 pm in the fellowship hall.

This a parents meeting and no scouts should attend.

Merit Badges Offered for 2016

Four new merit badges have been added this year: Chemistry, Electricity, Nuclear Science, and Railroading.

In addition, the Trail to Eagle program has returned for 2016.

Scouts typically attempt to earn four merit badges while at camp.

The final list of merit badges offered in 2016 has not been released yet; however, you can refer to the 2015 merit badge schedule (attached) to see the merit badges offered last year.

Once the merit badge schedule is released, we will provide an email with the available merit badges and a link to the merit badge signup form.


Water Sports merit badge - $50 additional fee

Shotgun Shooting merit badge - $25 additional fee

Special Program

Older boys have an opportunity to participate in the “Day Trek” program, which includes a different high adventure activity every day.

Note: Day Trek program - $50 additional fee

What to Bring

Please see the  summer camp packing list

Mailing Address

The mailing address for your son at camp is:

Your Son’s Name

Troop 291

Heritage Scout Reservation—Camp Liberty

300 Heritage Road

Farmington, PA 15437

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