You may check your scout’s Merit Badges (MB) on Troopmaster

    1. To access Troopmaster send an email to and request a password or password reset.

    2. Log on to Troopmaster - Select HERE! (You should have recieved an email like the one below. Search your emails for “TroopMaster Web account settings”.)

    3. The select the “Reports” menu, “Advancement”, and then “Partial Merit Badge List”

    4. Configure form the way you want and then select “Generate Report.”

      You will see a report of your scout’s current partial open MB’s and what Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) has been assigned.

    Working on Merit Badges

    1. Read about the philosophy of Scout Advancement: Select a merit badge from the BSA Web page: All parents and scouts should read the section “Advancement and Awards” and then review the potential merit badges that may be earned. Merit badges are individually studied and accomplished. Your scout’s handbook will list the merit badges that are required for Eagle Rank, and your scout should start working on those as soon as possible. Some of them can take time to complete and have requirements that must be accomplished while hiking, camping, or backpacking.  There is no time limit on starting and finishing merit badges. You can work on them as time permits and take as long as is needed, just get working on them. You can work on several merit badges at once.

    2. Scout (or parent if younger than 13) emails and requests approval for working on a specific merit badge.  The troop merit badge advisor takes into account the scout's abilities, age, maturity, the availability of a merit badge counselor, etc and grants or denies permission. If approved, before informing the scout, the merit badge advisor gets a troop or district merit badge counselor lined up to receive the scouts communication. Our troop leaders will confirm the scout should work on the particular merit badge and we will pair your scout up with a counselor. Our troop has many merit badge counselors for most of the Eagle rank and common merit badges.

    3. If approved, your next step is to print out the merit badge workbook from
      This website is the only website to trust for merit badge workbooks that are maintained to the BSA Merit Badge Pamphlets. These merit badge workbooks help organize the scouts effort to complete each merit badge. The scout needs to ensure they are accomplishing the merit badge requirements - no more, no less - with the proper counselor approvals.  The troop has Merit Badge Pamphlets in our library. These pamphlets have the requirements and guide the scout towards resources to complete the merit badge. The pamphlets do not have all the information required to complete the merit badge - they are simply a guide. In most cases, the merit badge workbook will work in lieu of the pamphlet. If a requirement says something to the effect of, “... with your counselor's approval..”, you must get your counselor’s approval. Emailing your counselor and notifying them of what you chose to do and have already done, is not approval, that is notification. Failing to get approval will cause you to waste your time, waste your counselor’s time, and require redoing work in all cases.

    4. Scout/Counselor arrange first meeting and map out how to work on and finish the merit badge together. Please keep in mind Youth Protection Training protocols. No one on one communication. So if your scout emails the counselor, please be sure you are cc’d on the email so the counselor may reply to you both. Same principle for phone conversations, parent must be present for a counselor to talk directly with a scout.

    1. Our Advancement Chair - will have already been notified of your approval to work on your merit badge. You will be able to get your blue card from the Advancement Chair at a troop meeting when the Advancement Chair is present.  Your workbook can serve as a blue card temporarily.  Your counselor can document your completed work on your requirements by initialling and dating your workbook sections in lieu of a blue card.

      If you have a "blue card" please fill it out *SIMILARLY* as shown below for your specific merit badge.  Use your best penmanship, as this Merit Badge may be an Eagle Rank required merit badge and you will want it to be legible and neat.  Please fill out which requirements you have received approval to work on in the requirements section. For example, if requirement “1” has parts a, b, c, and d, and you are required to do all parts, then simply list requirement “1” in the first spot in the requirement section. You do not need to list “1a”, “1b”, etc - you will run out of space.   If requirement “1” says complete at least 2 of the following, then only list the those requirements. For example, you have have chosen requirement “1b” and requirement “1f”, therefore those are the only ones you would list in the requirements section.

      Blue Card Example-Requirements.jpg

    2. Your last step will be to have a final meeting with your merit badge counselor to have your blue card requirements initialed and dated and card sections signed. You will then present the “Applicant Record” and the left most portion to the Advancement Chair for recording and credit. You keep the “Applicant’s Record” and your merit badge counselor keeps the “Counselor’s Record”.  You are done!

    3. Last thoughts: Scout maturity and age will be considered when approving MB’s and assigning MBC’s. For example, Personal Management is a complex MB requiring an understanding of the math and principles behind interest rates. This is typically best started in High School when a scout’s math skills and knowledge of the stock market and banking has been established.  Citizenship in the Community is also a complex MB requiring time and opportunity to experience… Cit. in the Community is not a good MB to do at Merit Badge University, Summer Camp, or a classroom setting. Cite requirements and why...