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Parents, start here to get your data into the Troopmaster Database.

New Scout Information Form - Select Here

Then proceed through the process and forms below.

  1. Complete the required new Scout and Adult Applications and turn in at your bridging ceremonies or as soon as possible at a Monday Meeting.

    Scout Application
    You may simply fill out page 5 (Local Council Copy) and then print and turn in 1 copy of pages 5 and 6 to the troop and save a copy for your files. Questions: email committeechair@bsa-ncac-troop291.org.

    A newly bridged Webelos or a new Scout can attend Monday meetings immediately but can’t advance, attend camping events, or even work on merit badges until their applications are processed due to insurance/liability issues. Please bring completed forms to your bridging ceremony or a Monday troop meeting. Check our troop calendar for the troop meeting schedule: http://www.bsa-ncac-troop291.org/home/calendar

    Adult Application and Youth Protection Training
    You may simply fill out page 4 (signature page) and page 5 (Local Council Copy) and then print and turn in 2 copies of pages 4 through 7 to the troop and save a copy for your files. If you already have a BSA membership number, write this on on top of page 4 of your application.

    All adults who will have contact with scouts must take BSA Youth Protection Training. The training is very important and takes only 25 minutes to complete. YPT is required so that the scouter parent understands the expectations, limitations, and restrictions for safe adult leadership. YPT is online training found at Internet website: https://myscouting.scouting.org/ To take YPT, either sign in to your existing BSA online account or create a new BSA account (save your password for future use). You are required to create a verified BSA account so your YPT certificate may be formally documented and registered to you. You will also be asked what BSA Council you are in. Our troop is in the National Capital Area Council - Bethesda, MD 082.  You will not have your BSA Identification Number yet. Don’t worry. Please print out a hard copy of your certificate and a PDF version if you know how. You can submit your YPT certificate to a scout leader at a troop meeting and/or send the electronic copy to: committeechair@bsa-ncac-troop291.org.

    Medical Forms
    The scout and parents going to camping trips need to fill out Parts A and B immediately to attend troop camping events and outings. Part C requires a physical and will be needed by scout and/or parent if they plan on attending summer camp, ski outings, whitewater rafting, or any other outing lasting longer than 72 hours.  Make 2 copies of your medical forms for the troop files and summer camp.Please keep your original medical forms at home in a file in case we need an additional copy. Questions: email medical@bsa-ncac-troop291.org.

  2. Annual Dues
    Dues are $75 annually and cover registration for the scout and adults. New scouts pay dues at bridging, with the next dues not owed until September of seventh grade. After that, dues are collected annually each September. For families with more than one scout, the dues are $75 plus $25 for each additional scout.

  3. Sign up for the Troop 291 Google Group   https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/bsa-troop-291-north-potomac-md
    All troop communication is handled through our Google Group, so sign up immediately.

    To sign up using non-gmail email addresses, Select: “Subscribe to this group”, enter your email address, enter the code listed, and click “Subscribe”. You will receive a confirmation email. In this email select “Join This Group” and our administrator will add your email to the Google Group.

    To sign up using gmail email addresses, select “Apply for Membership”, click “Send me an email for every new message” in the dialog box, and select “Apply to join this group”. Your email will be verified and you will be a member of the Google Group.

    Post new Troop 291 messages to the Google Group addressed to the following email:  bsa-troop-291-north-potomac-md@googlegroups.com

    Stop posting group messages to the Yahoo Group.
    Unsubscribe from the Yahoo Group - bsa-troop291-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
    Make sure you are signed up to the Google Group -  https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/bsa-troop-291-north-potomac-md
    Post new Troop 291 messages to the Google Group addressed to the following email -  bsa-troop-291-north-potomac-md@googlegroups.com

  4. Download the troop calendar, available in multiple formats on the troop website
    www.bsa-ncac-troop291.org. You can also easily add a view only version of the troop google calendar that you can turn off and on easily with your android phone by simply hitting the "add to google calendar” button that looks like this…

    You may also add the troop calendar feed to your iOS device if you already synchronize with other google calendars.

    Once boys have bridged, they can start attending troop meetings right away and camping events as soon as they submit a youth application. The May camping trip is geared towards new scouts to help prepare them for summer camp. Unlike Cub Scouts, siblings are not invited to attend troop camping trips. Siblings are invited to the annual Pig Roast in the fall and Troop Picnic in June. Parents may attend camping trips if they are registered with the troop and have completed YPT. Troop events include troop meetings, patrol meetings, parent meetings, camping trips, leadership training, day hikes, Eagle projects, and service projects. Mandatory events include the Pig Roast and Mulch Day (the annual troop fundraiser).

  5. Spend some time learning what’s available on the Troop 291 website www.bsa-ncac-troop291.org.   Or just Google “Troop 291 North Potomac” and click on the first search listing.  Website info includes: names of scout and adult leaders, calendar, rank advancement info, files for downloading (e.g., health forms, permission slips, trip info, etc.), photos of troop events, and much more.

  6. All scouts must have a “Class A” uniform, which is required for meetings and trips This includes a brown shirt, green pants with belt, neckerchief and slide, hat, and Troop 291 patch (We will provide you with a Troop “291” shoulder patch - you do not need to buy the individual 2, 9, and 1 numbers at the Scout Store. Our troop number patch is way cooler!). Boys scout socks are also handy to have. The staff at the Scout Store can help you determine everything you need-just ask.

    Scout Book.jpg

  7. All scouts must have the newest edition of the official BSA Scout Handbook, which can be purchased at the Bethesda Scout Store - 9190 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814 - (301) 530-9360. Please purchase the spiral bound handbook and the cover with zipper pocket or velcro closure. Your scout’s handbook is their reference and documents their road to Eagle Rank and it is very important it stays in great shape. Make sure your scout puts their name and cell phone in the handbook’s information front page and use a sharpie to put first initial and last name on the closed handbook’s paper edges so everyone can easily see who your scout’s book belongs to when they leave it behind.

    Scouts should bring their Handbooks to all meetings and camping events so that advancement requirements can be signed off and as an important reference.

  8. Start thinking about Summer Camp, one of Troop 291’s most popular activities and highly encouraged for new Scouts to 1) get a head start on rank advancement, 2) get to know their fellow Troop members, 3) prepare for the experience of outdoor education in 6th grade, and 4) give them more familiar faces in their new middle school. Summer Camp is the first or second week after MCPS school is out.  Look on the Troop website for information and be sure to attend the meetings where Summer Camp will be discussed.

    1. Register ASAP with summercamp@bsa-ncac-troop291.org

    2. Payment is due with application

    3. Parents may attend (with adult application and YPT)

    4. Updated Medical forms (good for 1 year) Parts A, B, and the physician physical Part C signed by doctor are required for summer camp. Medical Forms - ttp://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_ABC.pdf  Parent and Scout Medical forms - Make 2 copies of your medical forms for the troop files and summer camp. Please keep your original medical forms at home in case we need an additional copy. Questions: email medical@bsa-ncac-troop291.org.

  9. General Guidance on Rank Advancements

    1. Can’t be started until BSA youth application is received by Troop 291

    2. The first rank is Scout and should be achieved prior to summer camp

    3. Scouts who are Star Rank or above sign off on requirements in Scout Handbooks as requirements are completed

    4. Scouts should present their Scout Handbooks to Mr. Chris Douglas, Advancement Chair, at troop meetings for official updating in Troop Master Database

    5. Once all rank requirements have been signed off on, print an advancement checklist from the troop website and take it to an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) for Advancement

    6. ASPL will lead you through the rest of the advancement process (Skills Assessment, Scoutmaster Conference, and Board of Review) - You may email the Advancement ASPL’s at advancementchair@bsa-ncac-troop291.org.

    7. Rank advancement happens at an individual scout’s own pace, not at the end of each school year.

  10. General Guidance on Merit Badges - see our Merit Badge web page from the top menu.

    1. Must be initiated by the Scout (not the parent). A Scout initiates the merit badge process by requesting a “Blue Card” from Mr. Chris Douglas at a troop meeting

    2. The Troop Secretary will help the Scout identify the registered merit badge counselors for the merit badge they are interested in starting. Merit badge counselors are also listed in Troopmaster (see number 12, below)

    3. The Scout should call or email the merit badge counselor and ask them to be their merit badge counselor

    4. The merit badge counselor will guide the Scout through the process for that merit badge

    5. Parents can register to be Merit Badge counselors

    6. See NCAC Web address:  http://www.boyscouts-ncac.org

    7. Must complete Merit Badge application and form

  11. The Troopmaster Database is used by the troop to help parents and Scouts track their rank advancements and merit badges. It also contains contact information for registered adults and Scouts. You must be an officially registered Scout or adult with Troop 291 to use the site. https://www.troopmasterweb1.com/057410T.   To obtain User ID and password information, please email:  secretary@bsa-ncac-troop291.org

  12. The Troop 291 Merit Badge Library contains merit badge books. Please ask the Troop Librarian to review what merit badge books we have.

  13. Patrol Meetings

    1. Patrols will meet monthly in small groups

    2. Helps implement Boy-Led Troop concept

    3. Gets boys to work together

    4. Gives boys opportunity to form a team

  14. We need your support!
    Boys Scouts is boy-led, but maintaining a vibrant and active troop depends upon the participation of all scout parents. There are many opportunities for getting involved, both big and small, short term and long term. Please consider volunteering; signups occur at the troop picnic in June, or by asking the committee chair, scoutmaster, or assistant scoutmaster about troop needs. All volunteer opportunities include mentoring.