Max you can build your summer high adventure page here.
1) make sure you signed into your Google Account
2) copy this link onto your "clip board":
3) select here to get you into Google Sites:
4) then paste the link in step 2 to begin editing your page:
5) Bookmark the URL in step 4
6) let me know if you have problems

Log into your Google account or your Troop 291 account if you have one. If your parents have Google accounts I gave them access to your web page also. Let me know if you have questions.

0) Log into your Google account.

Max R. - Please select a content topic for your web page(s).
Vin S. - Content related to the process for become an Eagle Scout - 291, District, and Council process.
               Mr. Mallia and Mr. Douglas - Troop 291 Process. Ask them about who to contact for the district.
               NCAC Link of Eagle Scout Information
Zach F. - Content about cooking. Dutch Oven Desserts? We have grills in the trailer that no one uses for grilling burgers or dogs - easy clean up?
Zach R. - List of past Eagle Scouts and a few sentences about their project etc. - Links to Google docs might make this easy.