Join troop 291 for S.T.E.M. Week 2 - August 7 - 13, 2016

STEM Summer 2015


$150 Site Deposit Fee required at time of registration.
This is a non-refundable fee to secure your campsite and will be applied to your final invoice.
If the unit reservation is cancelled prior to May 15, 2016 any fees paid may be refunded except for the $150 non-refundable deposit.

All reservations and rosters must be finalized at least two (2) weeks prior to camp.

If your troop/crew does not fill a campsite to capacity, you will be asked to share the site with another Troop/Crew. 

If you are opting for "Troop Cooking" every effort will be made to not share the cabin with another Troop/Crew. (contact

A $100 non-refundable deposit will be held for each individual that cancels their reservation less than two weeks from the start of their camp date.

All deposit fees are included in your final balance.

Summer camp registration instructions are below and they may also be downloaded - Click here

Select HERE and REGISTER with Troop 291 S.T.E.M. Week 2 - August 7 - 13, 2016

Participant: 2016 FEE SCHEDULE


One (1) Adult Leader Free for Every Ten (10) Scouts Registered for camp$135


Provisional Scouts - Price follows the Early Bird, Regular Rate and Late Fee Rules*** 
New Scout - Price Valid at any date (A recently bridged Scout from a Cub Scout Pack or a Scout joining Scouting for the first time. Scouts transferring from another Troop are not valid.)$360**
Early Bird (Registered on or before April 1, 2016)$360
Regular Rate (Registered after April 1, 2016)$385*
Late Fee (Registered after June 1, 2016)$425**
Special Needs Scout - Price valid at any date$180**


To avoid late fees full payment must be received on or before June 1, 2016
** Full payment must be received two (2) weeks before the start of your week of summer camp
***When registering as a Provisional Scout or a Provisional Buddy Team, select the week you would like to attend camp and register as if you are signing up as a Troop.


If you have any Questions contact Camping Services at or 443-573-2523

Overview | Retrieving Username & Password | Merit Badge Signup

1. Go to

2. Select the specific camp you would like to register for from the top of the page. This will take you to the pricing and fee structure page. Scroll to the bottom and click REGISTER.

3. Choose the week or session that you would like to register.

4. Enter your unit’s information with a Point of Contact and include their valid email, phone number and address - then click CONTINUE.

5. Select "Tell us the number of Youth and Adults attending Camp".

6. Enter the number of each type of Registrant (i.e. Scout, Adult, etc.) and click CONTINUE.

7. If you know the names of the individuals going select "Tell us the Names of Youth and Adults attending Camp". If you do not have the names at time of registration move on the Step 9.

8. Select "Add a New Participant" and fill in their First and Last name as well as Registrant Type (i.e. Scout, Adult, etc.). When you are finished click CONTINUE.

9. Select "Reserve a Facility for this Registration" and choose your preferred campsite from the list and click CONTINUE. Note: Camp Oest registrations do not need to select a facility.

10. Once you have entered the number of registrants and a campsite select CHECKOUT.

11. You will see a breakdown of your registration. Please confirm it is correct and select your payment type and fill out all appropriate billing information.

12. Select "Make Payment" or "Save", if choosing to submit a mail/offline payment.

13. Check the Point of Contact email for a mail copy of your receipt, as you will need that information to access your registration webpage again. For instructions on how to do that click here.


1. If you have already Retrieved your Username and Password and can access your registration account, please skip to the Instructions on Signing Up for Merit Badges section on the second page.

2. To retrieve your Username and Password, first go to

3. Once there, select the Camp Registration link corresponding to the Camp you have signed up for (i.e. 2012 Spencer Summer Camp Registration if you have signed up for Camp Spencer). The links are located under the Broad Creek banner at the very top of the page.

4. Next, select the Click Here to Register link corresponding to your Week of Registration on the right hand side of the page.

5. Once at the registration page, choose the To edit an existing registration click here link at the bottom of the page above the Go Back and Register buttons.

6. You will be taken to a Log In page. Click the Need Password link to the right.

7. At this page, you will need to provide your Registration Number, Personal Information and Email Address exactly as it appears on the registration for Summer Camp and click the Continue button. If you do not have this information contact Scott Reese at

8. Once you click Continue, a Username and Password will be emailed to you at the Email Address you provided.

9. Once you have the Username and Password, return to the Log In screen and enter both. You will then be prompted to reset the password to something of your choosing.

10. You will then be taken to a page displaying your previous registrations and current Summer Camp registration which you can update by choosing the Edit/Update link under the Registrations tab.


1. Complete the above Instructions on How to Retrieve Username and Password.

2. Log In to your account and click on the REGISTRATION tab at the top of the page.

3. Choose the EDIT/UPDATE link corresponding to the appropriate registration for summer camp.

4. Once at the Update page, you can make any corrections to your registration that you need to including adding or removing participants, naming participants, signing up for merit badges and making payments.

5. Choose "Sign up individual Youth for Merit Badges, specialty camps & activities" button.

6. Once at the Sign Up Screen, the sign up is a four step process:

7. Step One, Select the Scout from the list of named participants. Make sure all of your Scouts’ names have been entered or you will not see them here.

8. Step Two, Select a SESSION of the day. Camp Saffran breaks the day into 6 sessions while Camp Spencer has 4 sessions. Be aware that some programs and merit badges last more than one session or even the entire day (i.e. First-Year Camper). For more information on the schedule, consult the Program Guide at

9. Step Three will allow you, after selecting a session in Step Two,  to choose a merit badge class or program by clicking on the “+” sign. Be sure to take note of the times to avoid any scheduling conflict.

10. Step Four is an overview of the schedule that has been chosen for the selected Scout.

11. Once these steps have been accomplished for each of your Scouts choose the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the page.

12. Once back to the main registration menu, you can use the CHECK SCHEDULE CONFLICTS button to make sure that your selected schedule works.

13. Once satisfied with your choices, select the CHECKOUT button at the bottom of the page.

14. On this page you can choose to make a payment on any merit badges or programs that have an additional cost or select MAIL/OFFLINE PAYMENT and the SAVE button to save what you’ve done.