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Spreadsheet - Backpacking and Hiking Merit Badge - Status

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Spreadsheet ‎(Published)‎ - Backpacking and Hiking Merit Badge - Status

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List - Backpacking and Hiking Merit Badge - Status

Here are some talking points below to guide the discussion for this Sunday's at 3:30pm New Parent 1st Year Scout Summer Camp Briefing Meeting,

Who is doing what? Bring items you found useful at camp. Add to talking points below
Alan: bring some of my camp stuff as an example
Chris: bringing cot? dropping off at the johnson's?

1) Introduction - Parent's name, scouting experience, webelos camping experience, best expectation for summer camp, worst fear for summer camp
2) review camp timeline - what needs to be done between now and camp
3) review items below
4) open discussion

This meeting is for parents only of scouts who will be attending summer camp for the first time.  - The Sunday agenda should touch (but not limited to) on the following:

1) Overview of a first year scouts experience through the eyes of an Assistant Scoutmaster that has witnessed 5 summer camps with 1st year scouts.

2) Preparing your scout mentally - homesickness, what not to say...

3) Preparing your scout physically - no air conditioning, lots of walking, hot, cold, rain, bugs, animals, sounds at night - physical preparation leads to mental robustness

3.5) Special discussion about feet and other private areas - what common issues we have seen from hot spots to constipation. Yes! We deal with it all.

4) How items 2 and 3 interrelate.

5) Trips to the shower - dedicated bag - towel, toiletries, water shoes

6) Trips to the pool - dedicated bag - could be same as toiletry bag

7) Trips to the latrine - "I'm afraid a spider might crawl..." (A true secret confession I have had to handle.)

8) Trips to the program - Water, sunscreen lotion, bug lotion, scout book, spiral note book of blank paper, pens, pencils - dedicated small back pack

8.5) aerosols are prohibited and lead to unsafe playing with fire - instant blow torch. 

9) Letters to and from home - risks and rewards

10) Boy lead troop. The balance of parenting and letting your boys experience the ups and downs of summer camp.  Try to remember, often times you should say, "that's a great question, you should ask your (boy) Scout Leader..." What Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters do with most questions after Wednesday....

11) Closed toed footwear. Your scouts feet are their tires and they must work well and not get a flat or blow out for the whole week! Stubbed toes, cuts, foot injuries can end or ruin a scouts week at camp. There are no sidewalks, carpeted floors, linoleum floors - your scout is in a foot injury environment.

12) Tent neatness. Our troop competes for an award that depends on having an ordered campsite. It is not an individual award. If you scout is untidy what should you do? Run for the hills? Maybe?

13) Wanting to leave camp. Domestic Nostalgia.

14) Questions

But, I think Alan's original list is great. In addition to preparing the scout physically, I would emphasize the need to get the boys good, comfortable boots/walking shoes at least two weeks before camp and then to make sure that they break-in the new shoes for several days before wearing them to camp. If the kids are physically fit but don't break in their shoes, it will still be a frustrating experience. 

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