The Dutch Oven Cardboard Pizza, and Pasta by Newbies

Types of diversity: Religious Diversity, Allergy aware recipe, Special Medial or dietary needs

Cooking method:Dutch oven (likely using charcoal)

Home preparation: None

gluten free pizza dough
dairy free cheese
marinara sauce
kosher hotdogs/sausages
sliced pineapples
black olives
gluten free rotini pasta
green peppers
Italian dressing
The pizza will be cooked in a dutch oven once fully assembled. The hotdogs/sausages will be boiled beforehand in a pot of water and the pineapples, black olives, peppers, tomatoes, and onions will be cut prior to their use. The dough will first be laid and then marinara sauce will be spread on this. Following this the cheese will be laid on top of this sauce and then the toppings will be laid upon once it is sitting in the pie dish which will then be placed on four pebbles within the Dutch oven. It will need to be cooked for 20-30 minutes. Along with this the rotini will need to be boiled for about 8 minutes and then placed within a dish or on a plate along with their respective vegetables.