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SignUP Help

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Event Title - a selectable link to trip signup form. If trip shows “Full”, you may still signup for the waiting list.
Trip Date - Month - Day of current year when the trip occurs.
Signup By Date - Month - Day of the signup deadline.
Number of persons signed up / Trip persons Limit
Information - a selectable link for trip information for scouts and parents: maps, trail maps, guides, packing lists, etc.
Map - a selectable link to event destination. We make every attempt to make certain link is accurate. Please check that the link will work for your navigation needs.

Write-up - Open text document for anyone to comment on how great the trip was, what could be improved, and suggestions for next time. We can’t do better if we don’t hear from you. We will refer to this document for next years trip.
Trip Costs - The cost of the trip may be a deposit, may only cover lodging, might not cover food, or might not cover optional activities. You may have the option to pay electronically. Full payment details will be provided by troop leader.
Roster - a selectable link that shows who has signed up so far. You can always check to see what scouts and adults are going on the trip you are considering. The final roster is subject to payment, and the discretion of the trip leaders and scout leaders.
Past Photos - a selectable link for past trip photos. Please take pictures AND SHARE THEM! We have invested in a troop camera for scouts, but we also rely on trip parents to take pictures so our wonderful memories get documented. Trip photos of the current trip will also be posted after the trip concludes.
Medical Forms - Verify medical forms are current by searching for the name you are concerned with and checking the dates are within 1 year of the trip date! For current BSA Medical Forms click HERE. If you are an adult and you do not see your name listed on the Medical Form Status List, you probably have to fill out an BSA Adult Application and take the BSA Youth Protection. Please email your scanned forms to the Troop Secretary at However, you must print out and have at least 2 copies of your medical forms reviewed by the Troop Medical Officer at a troop meeting. You can not submit electronic Medical Forms or drop them off - they must be reviewed.