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The Troop has a variety of activities for scouts/parents participate in. These include weekly meetings, scout patrol meetings, advancement events for merit badges, service projects and camping events. 

Troop meetings
The troop meets weekly on Monday nights for troop meetings. The troop meets at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in the all purpose room. Troop meetings include many activities and are run by the Senior patrol leader and the Patrol Leader Council. They include games, instructor sessions for skills, rank advancement time and planning for upcoming camping events. 

Patrol Meetings
Scouts are organized into patrols. Each patrol has a patrol leader, assistant patrol leader and patrol members. The patrols are a group of scouts that work together on activities, merit badges, fundraising and service projects. Patrols meet in outside patrol meetings on one Monday night* each month. These are called outside patrol meetings and replace the normal troop meeting for that week. Scouts typically meet at one of the patrol members houses or an outside location determined by the patrol. 

Parent Meetings & Troop Meeting Planning 
About once every 2-3 months, one troop meeting date is used as a parent meeting and troop meeting planning session. 

The Parent meeting is run by the Troop Committee Chair and is a valuable place to learn about all troop activities and events. The meeting is held in the Thurgood Marshall ES all purpose room. All parents are encouraged to attend. 

While the parent meeting is going on the scouts in leadership positions attend a troop meeting planning session where they plan upcoming troop meeting activities. Scouts work as teams to define what will occur at upcoming troop meetings. They present this plan to the parents at the end of the parent meeting. 

Troop 291 is very active and has multiple activities each month. These include camping, hiking, skiing, biking, canoeing, backpacking and more. All troop outings are listed on the troop calendar.  Events are also announced at the end of troop meetings each week and information is shared about activities via the troop google group. 

Advancement events
Troop 291 is part of the National Capital Area Council. As part of the council, scouts have access to many advancement opportunities like the annual merit badge university, STEM related events and more. 

Service Projects
Troop 291 participates in regular service projects for the community and for our sponsoring organization throughout the year. Most service projects are also eligible for school SSL hours. The troop also has a number of scouts working on Eagle rank service projects each year. Scouts are encouraged to participate in service projects as part of scouting.

The troop conducts fundraising to help pay for troop expenses like gear and equipment, rechartering costs and special activities. Troop fundraising activities include BSA council popcorn sale and the Troop's annual much sale. The troop mulch sale is an important all-hands on deck fundraising effort and all scout families are asked to participate. The mulch sale is held in February and March each year.