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10/8/2021- 10/10/2021 - Sign Up by 10/6/2021

A spirited, friendly competition where you compete in events such as human foosball, throwing axes, archery, rock climbing, orienteering, shelter building, and much more!!

Cost: $30

Contact: Jason Seppy and Alex Bishop

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🙋‍♂️Fairhaven Clean up

10/2/2021- Sign Up

It’s time to give back to our chartering organization, Fairhaven United Methodist Church. FUMC has been wonderful host for our troop activities, trailer and the storage shed for many years.

Contact: Mr. Stallard

🏕️New Germany (Postponed)

9/24/2021- 9/26/2021 - Sign Up by 9/15/2021

Adventure to New Germany state park where we will go Horseback riding and go Hiking.

Cost: $72

Contact: Jason Seppy and Will Bland

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🏕️ Sandy Spring Adventure Park Trip

8/27/2021 - Sign Up by 8/13/2021

Troop 291 will have a climbing and zip-lining adventure at the Adventure Park in nearby Sandy Springs, Maryland. We will camp out Friday night (August 27th) and will navigate the Adventure Park on Saturday morning, August 28th. We may also visit a local museum before camping out on Saturday evening. We break camp and go home on Sunday morning (August 29th).

Cost: $45

Contact: Les Bland

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🏕️ SeaBase


High adventure at SeaBase

Contact: Mr. Bishop


🙋‍♂️Casey Claxton's Eagle Project

7/31/2021- Sign Up

We will be restoring and regrading an eroded section of the Muddy Branch Greenway Trail, near Esworthy Road. My project will be on July 31st from 7:30am to 2:30pm, and it will be located at the Esworthy Road Trailhead. We are looking for volunteers who are ages 14 and up.

Contact: Casey Claxton

🙋‍♂️Culvert Restoration-Daniel Erickson's Eagle Project

7/11/2021- Sign Up by 7/10/2021

The project will consist mainly of deconstructing, adding more drainage, and reconstructing the culvert behind the church playground. The project will begin at 8 am and will continue throughout the afternoon and possibly into the evening. The project will include digging dirt and gravel, lifting large rocks, and clearing out dead grass.

Contact: Daniel Erickson

🏕️ Philmont

7/1/21 - 7/12-21

High adventure backpacking at Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico.

Contact: Mr. Bishop


🏕️ Summer Camp 2021

6/20/21 - Sign Up by 6/1/21

Calling all Troop 291 Boy Scouts and bridging Webelos! It's time for the 2021 BSA Summer Camp registration at Camp Liberty. This year's theme - Go Explore Heritage Reservation 2021!

Cost: $395-$445

Contact: Mr. Bishop

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🚙 Spring Picnic and Court of Honor

6/13/2021- Sign Up by 6/9/2021

Please join your fellow scouts and families for the annual Spring Picnic and Court of Honor! The event will begin at 4 pm on Sunday, June 13th. Set-up and grilling to begin at 3 pm. Court of Honor will begin at 5:30 pm. Dessert and clean-up will follow the COH -- ending between 7:30 and 8 pm.

Contact: Ms. Aranoff

🙋‍♂️ Spring Picnic Call for Volunteers

6/13/2021- Sign Up

We are looking for volunteers to help us with shopping, grilling, set-up, food service, and clean-up. Please let us know if you can help, we hope to see you there!

Contact: Ms. Aranoff

🙋‍♂️Swim Check

6/7/2021 - Sign Up ASAP

This is an opportunity to complete the BSA swim check to identify your BSA swimmer classification. If you are attending Summer Camp or any swimming-related BSA event, you should come to swim check.

Contact: Ms. Campbell


🙋‍♂️Sebastian's Eagle Project

5/29/2021 - Sign Up by 5/26/2021

The Eagle Project will take place at the locust grove nature center, in which we will be planting native plants in their upper meadow. It will take place on May 29, at 9:00 AM, and we will be providing 3-4 SSL hours.

Contact: Sebastian

🏕️ Calvert Cliffs

5/21/21-5/23/2021 - Sign Up Closed

This will be a 2 night camping trip taking place during May at Calvert Cliffs. We will be going to the beach, and there will be many activities to choose from in the afternoon. It will also be social distanced and use the Troop's covid policy.

Cost: $28 per person(may change)

Contact: Sebastian Tejerina

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🏕️ Leadership Training

5/14/21-5/16/2021 Sign Up ASAP

At this event, scouts will be learning basic leadership principles to assist them through their leadership terms for the next 6 months. Scouts will travel to a site owned by Operation Second Chance, which borders Maryland and Pennsylvania (17912 Harbaugh Valley Rd Sabillasville, MD). Scouts will also be working on a service project. Virtual options are available to those who cannot attend in-person.

Cost: Free

Contact: Matthew Antolick


🙋‍♂️ Michael Seibert Eagle Project

4/11/2021 and 4/18/2021 - Sign Up

Lanscaping project at St. Nicholas Episcopal church.

Contact Michael Seibert

🏕️ Little Bennet Pioneering Trip

4/9/21-4/11/21 - Sign Up by 4/3/21

A recruiting activity for Webelows involving lots of pioneering activity. We will also be building a rope bridge.

Cost: Check signup

Contact: Drew Dietrich, Casey Claxton


🙋‍♂️ Alex Bishop Eagle Project

4/11/2021 - Sign Up by 4/9/21

We are going to make a meditation garden at the Village of Rockville to help the senior citizens living there (SSL and Conservation hours)

Contact Alex Bishop

🙋‍♂️ Muddy Branch Cleanup

4/17/21 - Sign Up by 4/8/21

Trash in Potomac River tributaries, such as the Muddy Branch creek, eventually ends up in the Potomac River. By keeping our local tributaries free of trash, we help to reduce trash in the Potomac River. Come help keep our community clean!

Contact Ms.Garwood and Mr.Yu

🙋‍♂️ Taha Ghadially Eagle Project

3/27/21 - Sign Up

Building storage boxes and power washing martial arts area for the Sikh Temple.

Contact Taha Ghadially

🙋‍♂️ Mulch Mania

3/12/21-3/14/21 - Sign Up

We need everyone's help to deliver much. Will be done in a socially distanced way.

Contact Ms. Garwood

🙋‍♂️ Scout Sunday 2021

2/14/21 - Sign Up by 2/13/21

Scout Sunday is an annual event used to recognize the founding of Boy Scouts in the United States. We celebrate this event thanking our chartering organization, Fairhaven United Methodist Church by participating in a Sunday service. This year's service will be Virtual. Opportunity scouts have to demonstrate Reverent to faith.

Contact Preston Havenstein

🙋‍♂️ Troop Advancement Day

2/13/21 - Sign up by 2/12/21

This is your chance to work on advancements! Get your skills review, scoutmaster conference, and Board of Review done all in one day. For this advancement day. we will also be having slots to work on rank requirement signoffs.

Contact Jake Porter

🏕️ Cabin Camping

1/8/2021 - Sign Up Now Closed!

Cabin camping from Friday night until Sunday morning at Herrington Manor State Park in western Maryland. Cabins are heated with a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. The park provides firewood for the cabin's fireplace. Saturday events included cross-country skiing on site (weather permitting) and snow tubing at nearby Wisp Resort. We will be camping as families due to COVID19 restrictions. Families are responsible for the cost and planning of their meals. This will not be reimbursed by the Troop.




Past Photos

Herrington Manor State Park

Cost: $180-$200 (depending on cabin); Saturday events paid directly by camper's family

Contact Mr Smith, Ms Bland, Mr McCue

2020 Sign-Ups

🚙 December Trip

12/12/2020 - Sign Up by 12/8/20

We will be hiking around Roosevelt Island, then walking around the national mall before dinner.




Contact Jake Porter

🙋‍♂️ Veterans Day Flag Ceremony

11/9/20 - Sign Up by 11/6/20

Veterans Day Flag Ceremony

Past Photos

Contact Douglas Clark or Don Seibert

🙋‍♂️ Scouting for Food 2020

11/7/20-11/14/20 - Sign Up by 11/6/20

Dropping off door tags/flyers on 7 November and picking up food donations on 14 November.


Click For Maps

Contact Les Bland

🏕️ Fall Feast Trip @ Little Bennett

10/23/20 - Sign Up by 10/6/20

The fall feast will be a blast at Little Bennett Park. Scouts will be with their families and only their families. On the off chance that Covid-19 flairs up again, this will turn into an online campout.




Contact Garrett Valentine

🙋‍♂️ Annual Fairhaven Cleanup

10/3/2020 - Sign Up by 10/3/20

Service work for Fairhaven UMC, our chartering organization.

Contact Mr. Milo

🏕️ Virtual Advancement Day

9/27/2020 - Sign Up by 9/27/20

In order to work on advancements, scouts will be able to complete Skills Reviews, Boards of Review, and Scoutmaster Conferences.

Contact Jake Porter

🏕️ Biking on C&O Canal / Virtual Campout

9/25/2020 - Sign Up by 9/18/20

Virtual campout plus a day trip to go bike riding on the C&O Canal.

Cost: Free



Contact Mr. Dietrich

🙋‍♂️ First Responder and Ledo's Fundraiser

9/21/20 - 9/23/20

Asking scout families to order pizza from Ledos on Sept 21-22 and mention this fundraiser. 20% of the proceeds and additional funds previously collected from the Troop will be used to purchase a meal with Shady Grove Hospital and potentially, QO Firestation. Requesting for a family to drive meals on September 23.

Contact Nikki Valentine

🙋‍♂️ Jack Campbell's Eagle Project

9/19/20 - Sign Up by 9/12/20

Jack's eagle project will be helping the organization Homes Not Borders set up a home for refugees. We will be soliciting donations from businesses and collecting donations from our community. A lot more info about the stages and the project is at the top of the Signup Genius along with more info about our social distancing policy.

Donation Link

🙋‍♂️ David Weiss Eagle Project

7/26/20- Sign Up by 7/23

Building a Gaga Pit at Westleigh Recreation Center. Social Distancing will be enforced and tools will be properly cleaned. 14900 Dufief Mill Rd, North Potomac, MD 20878

🏕️ Virtual Campout #4

7/24/2020 - Sign Up by 7/20/20

Virtual campout led by our sister troop. See signup for schedule and activities.


🏕️ Virtual Campout #3

6/26/2020 - Sign Up by 6/26/20

We will have lots of time for outdoor activities like biking. We will also be doing some fun troop activities like playing, and it is also a great chance to fill out requirements and get camping nights.


🏕️ Virtual Campout #2

5/29/2020 - Sign Up by 5/29/20

This trip will be a little bit different from the last, mainly being that this trip will go on from Friday night until Sunday morning. Also fill out this form.

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🙋‍♂️ Coal Fire Lunch for Shady Grove Hospital Staff

Sign Up by 5/16/20

Fundraiser to buy a Coal Fire Pizza Lunch for staff at Shady Grove Hospital. Suggested contribution is $6

Contact: Mrs Campbell or Ms. Saenz Acosta

🏕️ Virtual Campout #1

5/2/2020 - Sign Up by 5/2/20

A fun night of virtual camping. 7-9pm. This trip will feature fun patrol bonding activities, advancements and skills reviews, cooking smores (if you have the proper materials). if you sleep in a tent for the night, you can earn a camping night

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🙋‍♂️ Scout Sunday

3/8/2020 - Sign Up

Scouts may attend service at Fairhaven United Methodist church and assist with the service or coffee hour OR Scouts may attend the church or temple they are members of and offer to help facilitate the service or coffee hour after services. This show that scouts are reverent and that faith is important to all scouts.

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🙋‍♂️ Mulch Day

3/13/2020 - Sign Up

This is the troop's major fundraiser of the year and we will need "all hands on deck"!!!


🚙 Caving

2/22/2020 - Sign Up by 1/24

Day trip to explore a wild cave near Martinsburg, WV. We'll meet our guide, hike a short distance to the cave, get our gear, then start spelunking. We'll go inside large caverns, squeeze through tight passages, learn about geology, get muddy and have a great time.

Contact: Mr. Dietrich

Cost: $78

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🚙 Ski Trip

2/7/2020 - Sign Up

Go skiing with your friends at Ski Sawmill Family Resort in Morris, PA. Warm accommodations in bunkhouses.

Contact: Ms. Seppy

Cost: $149

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🏕️ Klondike Derby

1/24/2020 - Sign Up by 1/24

The Klondike Derby is a scout competition where Scout Troops break into patrols and compete by completing as many skill based stations as possible while surviving in the frigid... frosty... chilly... slightly-colder-than-comfortable winter weather of our DC Metro Area! This year we'll be camping close to home at Little Bennett.

Contact: Mr. Claxton

Cost: $45

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🏕️ Cabin Camping

1/10/2020 - SignUp by 1/10

Stay in heated cabins at Herrington Manor State Park in Oakland, MD. Have fun snow tubing and playing video games.

Contact: Mr. Smith, Mr. Woo

Cost: $80

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