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🙋‍♂️  Michael Seibert Eagle Project
4/11/2021 and 4/18/2021 - Sign Up
Lanscaping project at St. Nicholas Episcopal church.
Contact Michael Seibert

🏕️ Little Bennet Pioneering Trip
4/9/21-4/11/21 - Sign Up by 4/3/21
A recruiting activity for Webelows involving lots of pioneering activity. We will also be building a rope bridge.
Cost: Check signup
Contact: Drew Dietrich, Casey Claxton

🙋‍♂️  Alex Bishop Eagle Project
4/11/2021 - Sign Up by 4/9/21
We are going to make a meditation garden at the Village of Rockville to help the senior citizens living there (SSL and Conservation hours)
Contact Alex Bishop

🙋‍♂️  Muddy Branch Cleanup
4/17/21 - Sign Up by 4/8/21
Trash in Potomac River tributaries, such as the Muddy Branch creek, eventually ends up in the Potomac River. By keeping our local tributaries free of trash, we help to reduce trash in the Potomac River. Come help keep our community clean!
Contact Ms.Garwood and Mr.Yu

🏕️ Calvert Cliffs
5/21/21-5/23/2021 - Sign Up by 5/1/2021
This will be a 2 night camping trip taking place during May at Calvert Cliffs. We will be going to the beach, and there will be many activities to choose from in the afternoon. It will also be social distanced and use the Troop's covid policy.
Cost: $28 per person(may change)
Contact: Sebastian Tejerina

🏕️ Summer Camp 2021
6/20/21 - Sign Up by 6/1/21 
Calling all Troop 291 Boy Scouts and bridging Webelos!  It's time for the 2021 BSA Summer Camp registration at Camp Liberty. This year's theme - Go Explore Heritage Reservation 2021!
Cost: $395-$445
Contact: Mr. Bishop 
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🙋‍♂️  Adult Volunteer Sign-Up
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Troop 291 needs all families to volunteer to run one event during the year or fill a year round position.   We also need everyone to attend the Fall Feast and Mulch Madness events.   Our troop wouldn't be so great without the help of so many volunteers!  Sign up to help now!